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ChemIn is an modular based Agilent ChemStation (OpenLab) plugin that extends the functionality of your GC control and analysis software.

It is planned to integrate this plugin also in other analysis software, such as the EzChrom, MS and LC Chemstation and many others. Soon all modules of the plugin can be obtained without having the analysis software. Since the ChemIn plugin consists of individual modules, it is fully scalable with your software. That means you can always integrate additional modules and purchase only those modules that you need. Are you missing a module? Please contact us and we will surely help you!

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ChemIn pros


Faster Results
Through the handling improvements you can measure more samples in less time.


Sample preperation gets mostly automated by ChemIn.


Save Money
By saving time in handling and preparation you save money for other tasks.

ChemIn ChemStation Plugin Modules

ChemIn Mail Module

ChemIn Mail Plugin
The mail plugin is a smart tool that integrates a messaging system into your software (ChemStation, OpenLab). You will be informed about completed runs in methods or sequences. In addition a reporting with your evaluated report or acquired Excel reports will be integrated.

ChemIn MPV Module

ChemIn MPV Plugin
With the multi-position valve (MPV) module you can control Valco Vici stream selector valves. You can do this within a method or multiple within a sequence. This allows you to customize your routine analyzes more efficient or to simplify your sample preparation. The sequence programming is easy to use and can be done during the pre-run, re run and the pre-run phase. The stream selector valves (MPVs) can be switched based on time and soon via events which you can set yourself.

ChemIn Pressure Module

ChemIn Pressure Control Plugin
The pressure sensing module transmits the current pressure (e.g. in the sample loop) into the Sample.log file. With this plugin it is possible to perform a quantitative evaluation with an unknown pressure, without an internal standard. With the next version the pressure sensor will also be able to trigger events for further actions, like open or close valves. Of course, the temperature is also recorded during the measurement. An interface to the excel export is established as well.

ChemIn Export Module

ChemIn Export Plugin
With the export module you can transfer your data from the ChemStation or openLab into an excel spreadsheet and analyze them. This table can also include static elements. If you also have the ChemIn Mail plugin for ChemStation and OpenLab these excel files can be redirected immediately after a sequence run by mail to your PC or PDA.

ChemIn Digital IO Module

ChemIn External Device Plugin
With the external device plugin you can control I/O devices. That means you can connect one-way or multi-way valves or you can turn other external equipment on and off. Even events can be triggered with the inputs. They can also be controlled by simple programming when or where to be switched in a method or a sequence or by another event.

ChemIn Executioner Module

ChemIn Executor Plugin
The ChemIn External Program plugin is able to start external applications and third party programs in order to improve then functionality beyond the ChemStation. Choose the desired execution point during several states of your run, comit parameters and let ChemIn Executor do the rest.

ChemIn Current Loop

ChemIn Current Loop
For easy integration of your Chem-Station in your process-control system you can use the ChemIn Current Loop module. Your analytical results from the ChemStation will be serialized and sent to your process-control system, even over long distances, in a range of 4-20mA.

ChemIn Current Loop SW

ChemIn Current Loop SW
Instead of using a hardware signal for the current loop you can also use an ethernet connection to transfer your data to the process-control system. You can choose from a wide range of file formats for interchange - recommandable XML.